If you are a businessperson or digital marketer, the health of your website is something that you cannot compromise in 2019. Often, most people like you spend their time blogging, redesigning their sites, and trying to reach new clients on social media. The problem is not that these individuals pay attention to these matters. Instead, they have the wrong priorities and forget to optimize their sites.

Do you know that even if you redesign your homepage a thousand times, that will likely make no difference? It is now common knowledge that the homepage is dead. Instead of wasting your valuable time doing this, create several pages, and tailor each of them to your different customer segments. Do not stop there. Get the right tools to optimize the site. If you want to reap the excellent results in 2019, here are the tools that you must use now.

  1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the tool you need to know whether your site is performing as expected. If you have been online for a while now, you likely recall the Google Webmaster Tools. The name was changed, and it is what we are talking about here. Its function remains the same.

Google Search Console will analyze your site and give you a report that you can use to improve its rankings. Moreover, it can help you to boost conversions. Once you install this tool (free), it will begin collecting information immediately and giving the essential pieces of information.

  • Yoast SEO

This plugin will help you to create blog posts and website pages that are SEO optimized. Install it on your WordPress site and then activate. Once you do that, you will get access to all its features. It will tell you whether the readability and SEO of your newly created content are right or not.

Also, Yoast SEO will analyze your site and give you a comprehensive analysis of how each of these two fronts is performing. You can expect a list of warnings, potential concerns, and excellent results. Use either the premium or free version, depending on your ability, as any of them will give you substantial value.

  • Crazy Egg

If the other tools do not work for you, try Crazy egg. The idea is that there is no optimization protocol. If you want a tool that will allow you to collect lots of data based on user behavior, this is the best option for you.

You may also find Crazy Egg incredibly appealing to you because it is easy to use. One needs to sign up to be able to run the user behavior reports. Once you install it on your site, you can run these reports and get information on the source of your traffic, when your visitors scroll, and what they click on your website. Since it gives you a clear picture of how users interact with your site, this tool empowers you to see what you should improve to enhance the performance.

  • Optimizely

Just as we have said, you should never expect a website optimization protocol. Simply put, Optimizely may be what you need if the other options leave you unsure whether you are right or not. In fact, most users consider it the leading experimentation platform. Organizations such as Salesforce and IBM use it extensively to test parts of their website pages and use the findings to increase their conversions.

Optimizely is a full enterprise package that can help you to do other essential things, including website optimization and A/B testing. For that matter, it may not be right to compare it with many other optimization tools that you know. But the bottom is that you should go for any device that best meets your needs.

  • SEO crawler

Other than Optimizely, SEO crawler is an entire collection of useful tools that can handle a lot of tasks at ago. In case you are one of the individuals who complain that they are using too many tools, this one will sort you out. It will enable you to streamline all your digital marketing efforts to be able to optimize your site in minutes.

The Final Thoughts

As a professional, you need to have the best website optimization tools. You can go for as many or as few tools as you want. In some cases, just one will solve your problems. Sometimes, people call web experts and pay for the service, yet these tools cheaply offer the best solution. Some are free. Choose the one that you know will help you, and you will save a lot of money.