Online Borrowing: All You Need to Know – Is It Safe?

You can do everything online without having to be physically present.  But the question of whether or not online borrowing is safe should be answered once and for all.  Because you have every right to demand the legitimacy of a new trend before you can decide if it’s for you or not.  We are therefore going to strip this subject apart and expose everything you need to know to help

5 Website Optimization Tools You Must Use in 2019

If you are a businessperson or digital marketer, the health of your website is something that you cannot compromise in 2019. Often, most people like you spend their time blogging, redesigning their sites, and trying to reach new clients on social media. The problem is not that these individuals pay attention to these matters. Instead, they have the wrong priorities and forget to optimize their sites. Do you know that

5 Effective Online Marketing Suggestions

If you own a business, then you must be looking for the most effective ways to attract and retain your customers. In the 21st century, you cannot achieve this if you do not have an effective digital marketing strategy. Many people who you want to reach are on social media and other digital platforms. So, you must define an innovative way to position your business in front of them. Here

MozCon 2016

“Uplevel Your A/B Testing Skills” A/B testing is a fundamental skill for growing all aspects of a business. In this talk delivered at MozCon 2016, I lay out a path for evolving from generating a/b testing ideas to hypotheses; from executing tests to automating the process; and from working with a team to encouraging advocates.

MozCon 2015 | Seattle

“Online Personalization That Actually Works” My slide deck from the talk I delivered at MozCon 2015. Personalizing your online marketing may be a daunting idea right now, but after Cara breaks it down, you’ll realize why embracing it early will be transformative, highly lucrative, addicting, and not creepy. Learn a framework for personalization, ideas for e-commerce, media, and B2B business, and criteria for how to prioritize personalization ideas.

CTA Conf 2016

“The Homepage is Dead” Yes, I said it. THE homepage is dead. No, this doesn’t mean you should all go delete your homepages. It means that a single version of the homepage that targets everyone who visits your site is a thing of the past. It’s time to uplevel your homepage with some personalization and move from ‘the” homepage to “a” homepage”